Seasoned Firewood for Your Hydronic Furnace in Plymouth County, MA

Wood-burning hydronic furnace in Plymouth County, MA is a great choice as it offers several benefits. It is safe, hassle free and very cost-efficient. And if you are in need of one, Smokeys Firewood is an authorized dealer of Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnace, manufacturer of top-of the line outdoor furnaces that effectively and efficiently heat up your home.

For a hydronic furnace to work, it needs one essential thing – seasoned firewood. The kind of firewood greatly affects your burning experience, and while you may think that all wood are the same, you’d be surprised to know that there are some differences among the different types of wood. Regardless of the wood species you choose to use, it is important that this should be seasoned well.

What is Seasoned Wood?

If you are searching for well-seasoned firewood in Plymouth, MA, you must look for a company that offers wood that has been chopped, cut, stacked, and dried until its moisture content is 20% which is measured using a wood moisture content meter. Not because wood has been stacked for a year that it is considered “seasoned.” A moisture meter is the only accurate tool for measurement.

Reducing the moisture content of wood will allow it to burn easily and create less smoke in the process. If the wood has more than 20% moisture content, the flames must first need to get the water evaporated before the wood burns, thus slowing the heating process. It is the water that causes the hissing, popping, and production of too much smokie and large amounts of creosote.

Storing Your Firewood

To ensure that you have quality firewood to burn throughout the season, you need to know how to store it properly. The firewood should be stacked on a rack that sits above the ground to prevent ground water from seeping in and from causing rotting and pest infestation. It should be covered properly during the rainy season, otherwise, expose it to sun and wind to continue the seasoning.

If you are considering a wood-burning hydronic heater, you should also make sure that you have a supplier of well-seasoned firewood in Plymouth, MA. You can rely on Smokeys Firewood. Not only do we supply quality Hawken Energy Outdoor Furnace but we also provide you with affordable, seasoned firewood to complete the package.Give us a call for more details.