Choosing Quality Firewood in Lakeville, MA

Whether it’s for home heating, camping, or outdoor heating pits, well seasoned firewood is very important – this spells the difference between making fire and exhausting yourself making nothing but smoke. If you want quality and seasoned firewood in Lakeville, MA, you can always rely on our company. High percentage of our business is from repeat customers, because we are committed to our goal of providing quality firewood to meet our customers’ needs.

For those who are new to the trade, here are some essential factors you need to consider.

Quality of Firewood

The drier the wood, the better it burns. However, not because the logs have been sitting for over a year, or longer, does it mean that it is drier or more seasoned. While you can say whether a log is dry through some physical properties – weight, cracks and sound – you can only truly measure a log’s moisture content by using a moisture meter. An ideal firewood is less than 20% moisture content. So, make sure to ask your supplier. You can check the range of moisture content and what burns percentages better in here.

Factors that Affect Seasoning

Seasoning firewood takes a long time. It can take two to three years or even more. It is not because your supplier claims that the logs have been down for a couple of years that it means it is properly seasoned. There are several factors that affect proper seasoning of wood. First, it must be cut into log size and split into proper dimensions, and then stacked in a place that receives much sun and wind to blow through it. Also, it must be properly covered during rainy days.

Softwood VS Hardwood

Some people discourage the burning of softwood as it produces more smoke, splits, and can quickly tar up the chimney. However, this only happens if the wood is not well seasoned. If the moisture content is at least below 25%, then there is nothing wrong with using softwood. Since this type of wood is not as dense as hardwood, you will need to burn twice as much to achieve the same heat output.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when searching for quality firewood. If you are within Massachusetts, you can always rely on us for well seasoned and affordable firewood in Lakeville, MA and surrounding areas. You can give us a call for more information.