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Hydronic Heating Systems in South Shore, MA

Smokeys Firewood is an Authorized Dealer for Hawken Energy – Outdoor Wood Furnaces. Manufacturer of affordable, top-of-the-line outdoor furnaces which heat your home, barn, garage, pool, greenhouse, hot water tank or whatever else you need. No smoke comes out of the chimney (Only steam) due to its patent pending Afterburner Technology. We are in partnership with Mr Steven Behan of Carver.

Please, do not hesitate to call and make an appointment to see the display model.

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Massachusetts regulations regarding Outdoor Hydronic Heaters Note the requirement of 50 feet from a property line and also 150 from a dwelling. These regulations were written with the old models in mind which emitted smoke from the chimney where as the new GX-Series, as of 2015, only emit steam due the Afterburner Technology.

There are three packages for each GX Series Models: Greenhawk, Silverhawk and Goldenhawk. Click HERE for pricing and financing options.


GX Series – 10
Furnaces for Small Buildings (2000 – 2500 Square Feet)

Technical Details
Heat Output
Max BTU Output Rating 144,000
8-hr. BTU Output Rating 76,000
12-hr. BTU Output Rating 43,000

Size and Dimensions
Furnace Dim. (ft) 6.7′ H x 3.8′ W x 6.8′ L
Footprint (ft) 3.5′ W x 5.8′ L
Firebox Dim. (ft) 1.9′ H x 1.9′ W x 2.7′ D
Firebox Volume 9.8 ft
Door Opening (ft) 1.5′ H x 1.5′ W
Water Jacket Capacity 107 gal
Dry Weight 2,100 lbs


GX Series – 15
Furnaces for One Building (3000 – 3500 Square Feet)

Technical Details
Heat Output
Max BTU Output Rating 193,000
8-hr. BTU Output Rating 73,000
12-hr. BTU Output Rating 61,000

Size and Dimensions
Furnace Dim. (ft) 7.75′ H x 4.4′ W x 7.4′ L
Footprint (ft) 3′ W x 3.75′ L
Firebox Dim. (ft) 2.3′ H x 2′ W x 2.9′ D
Firebox Volume 13.6 ft
Water Jacket Capacity 191 gal
Dry Weight 2,943 lbs


GX Series – 30
Furnaces for Two Buildings (8000 – 8500 Square Feet)

Technical Details
Heat Output
Max BTU Output Rating 248,000
8-hr. BTU Output Rating 104,000
12-hr. BTU Output Rating 117,000

Size and Dimensions
Furnace Dim. (ft) 8.5′ H x 5.4′ W x 8.1′ L
Footprint (ft) 4′ W x 4.75′ L
Firebox Dim. (ft) 2.5′ H x 2.5′ W x 3.75′ D
Firebox Volume 23.4 ft
Water Jacket Capacity 351 gal
Dry Weight 3,789 lbs

Goldenhawk package Included Options


  • Choice of 8 colors
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Afterburner Technology
  • 3 years Hawkeye Premium Service (Upgradable to 5 years)
  • $600 Tomahawk Wood Delivery (Upgradeable to $1200)
  • $400 of accessories included

Extend Your Warranty – Add an extended warranty:

  • Hawken Armor limited warranty [included]
  • 5 year extended warranty [$999]

Upgrade Your Service Plan Basic Service includes a special start-up visit at the time the furnace is installed as well as online and phone support. Hawkeye Premium Service includes basic service plus a start-up and shut-down visit each year.

  • 3 years of Hawkeye Premium Service [included]
  • 5 years of Hawkeye Premium Service [$750]

Financing available for all model to include ones not shown.

Onsite visits available to help determine installation costs and parts required (Heat Exchangers, Circulator Pumps etc.). Most people do self-installations while we advise them as needed, however we can provide installation if required.

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