High Quality Firewood for Sale in South Shore, MA

Current Inventory Chart below

All deliveries arrive with wood tightly stacked into the vehicles so you do not have to wonder if you received your full cord. You will know with no doubt! I purchase 99% of our logs and due to the amount of labor involved the price for a cord is as noted below

Our Standard sized firewood is 16″ to 17″ cut and split


1 Cord Hardwood (128 Cubic Ft)
$295 Plus delivery.
1 Cord Pine (128 Cubic Ft)
$195 Plus delivery
Save by purchasing unseasoned wood
a year in advance. It helps me keep up
with orders and saves you $$$
Fire Pit Special (Half Cord)
1/4 Hardwood + 1/4 Pine
$125 Plus delivery


$5.00 Pine (Right half)

$7.00 Hardwood (Left half)

In both cases you are getting much more for your dollar than anywhere else.
Please do not park on the lawn.

Moisture contents

< 20% = Well seasoned (15% is ideal, <10% can burn quickly so you can mix in 21 – 29%)
21 – 25% = Seasoned. (21% burns well but 25% is the tipping point for burn ability depending on type of wood)
26 – 29% = Semi-Seasoned. (Needs a lot of help. Leads to a dirty chimney)
> 30% = Unseasoned or Green (Needs a lot of time).

Higher moisture content equates to a lose of BTUs and greater chance of creosote buildup.


Delivery = $20.00 per cord ($30 for two cord trip) plus $1 per mile after first 10 miles (Will modify this for multiple cords).

Stacking fee = $50.00 per cord upon request.

Four Cords or more of Hardwood qualifies for a slight discount.

Payment options: Cash, Check or PayPal ( For PayPal you first provide me with your email then I send you an Invoice, a credit card can be used with the PayPal option )
Note: paypal charges a small fee which is a percentage of the total sale.

What to expect: A strong cord tightly stacked into the truck/trailer, good quality wood (no rot or debris), professional and personable experience


For orders of up to 10 Cords I will need a few weeks prior notice in order to deliver the highest quality wood.

Cape Cod (eg over the bridges).
Delivery fee applies $1.00 per mile.

Full Cord – $400
Half Cord – $250

Full Cord – $250
Half Cord – $150

Martha’s Vineyard / Nantucket

Hardwood (Oak, Maple etc,)
Full Cord – $800 (Flat rate)

Full Cord – $500 (Flat rate)

I will only deliver premium firewood to the Islands.
It is of the highest quality though the moisture content may vary
depending upon what time of the year you purchase it (Order early).