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Smokeys Firewood is geared to serve those who enjoy burning wood for home heating, camping, outdoor fire pits, et-al. We remain focused on providing an exceptional service for customer satisfaction. It is our goal to provide you with quality Firewood, furthermore, you will always get slightly more than you purchase to ensure a strong cord.

On 22 December 2015 we became an authorized Hawken Energy Outdoor Wood Furnace Dealer in partnership with Mr Steven Behan

Smokeys Firewood is based on the belief that customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

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Last winter was a long cold one where lots of folks exceeded their normal supply of firewood and were left with no option except to purchase green wood at seasoned prices just to get through the winter, that is on you, not the supplier, however this should never ever happen, which is why I am composing this message.

Each year most families search for well seasoned firewood ( <  20% moisture ), the early birds may get lucky and find a supplier that has some, however most are met with claims of such but when they receive their wood it is either semi-seasoned or even green.

What you should be aware of is that the vast majority of firewood suppliers exhaust their supply each year. If the wood is cut, split and stacked in an area with direct sun lite with a prevailing wind and sits through the summer it will be ready for the winter. However it is anything other than mentioned it can take up to one full year to season.

The large dealers have logs sitting somewhere on their lot for over a year and claim that it is seasoned because it has been down for so long, but in my experience, unless they have ripped them lengthwise, then 80% of the logs that I personally cut and split that have been down even up to two years are anything but dry. Don’t waste your time asking how long it has been cut and split, rather, get to the point and ask what the moisture content is and when the latest readings were taken with a moisture meter.

Large suppliers have no choice but to pile their split wood into many huge piles due to lack of space, we can not blame them for that. What occurs is that the outer layers of wood will season very nicely however the stuff in the middle gets no sun or wind and when it rains the water will remain in the pile indefinitely, therefore there is more rot going on than seasoning not to mention the mold & fungus that grows on it. In my first year selling this stuff I actually stacked the wood in two large tightly stacked cubes but left it uncovered. What I found when I broke the pile up was something very similar though my piles pale in comparison to the mountains you see out there. Now, I have a much improved system of stacking the wood which allows it to get plenty of circulation, additionally, I am also sure to place a tarp over the top.

Listen, my whole hearted advice to anyone who seriously wants actual well seasoned firewood is to do this. 1) Bite the bullet and purchase next years firewood this year. 2) Stack it in an area of your property where there is plenty of sun and a prevailing wind, make a rows of 2-3 columns but limit their height to 4 feet, space the next row of 2-3 columns several inches apart (or just store it all ‘Holz Hausen’ style). 3) Cover the top (Optional) but leave the sides open to the wind. I picked up one customer this year who tells me he purchases one full cord of green wood every 2-3 months, year round, I can tell you that he always has the best of wood available each winter.

Smokeys Firewood generally sells out of well seasoned firewood by late august as I am a small time supplier. I make a concerted effort to keep up with demand by retrieving solid & seasoned dead Oak, however come autumn, it simply sells as fast as I can process it due to our reputation. What I can boast about is that our wood is exceedingly clean and professional looking. I had explained to my supplier that my customers only want the best wood and that I demand the best trees from them and when I come across unsellable wood, well, we burn too so that is ours.

I cut 80% of my wood to 16″ the remainder to 17″ we simply received to much negative feedback in our first year in regards to 18″ length wood. I also try to shape it to a rectangle when possible as opposed to a triangle or pie shape, it just appears better and stacks easier in my opinion.

That’s all, I didn’t set out to be long winded in this message but I was inspired to jot this down after chatting to a valued customer of mine today (Walter Wayne).

Remember, sooner or later you are going to purchase your wood, isn’t it a good idea to dig deep this season and get a couple extra cords for next year? Its the wise approach.

Good luck all, regards: Donny